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MONITOR upgrade – Version 3.2.3

We are happy to announce a major upgrade of our R&D (MONITOR) software. The download is FREE for our customers!

What are the main improvements?

The new algorithm offers an enriched fitting, is faster, more robust and provides the determination coefficient r2, sending a warning when the value is lower than 0.99 (meaning potential problems with the fitting).

The following additional functions help in delivering a better user experience with data:

  • Removal of misleading measurement points to facilitate the convergence.
  • Filter of the noise generated by low contrast, by using the running average.
  • Regulation of the final time, tf, to allow the adjustment of the last portion of the curve.

Please leave your e-mail address in the form of the page to receive the link for the download.

Download the upgrade here

Any problems?

Please contact your local representative or send us an e-mail at

We look forward to hearing your feedback soon!