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Free Guide: 5 critical mistakes when using Magnetic Bead Separation in CLIA IVD-kits manufacturing

High throughput techniques, such as automated chemiluminescent immunoassays(CLIAs) are a must in settings where thousands of daily analyses are performed. As a consequence, the production volume of CLIA-IVD kits has sky-rocketed, and because of that in-batch consistency of these kits has raised new concerns.

SEPMAG® has been working with leading IVD companies, Production Managers, R&D scientists, lab technicians and Quality Assurance personnel to guarantee high performance, well parameterized Magnetic Bead Separation Processes since 2004. Over these 10 years, we have identified 5 recurrent and critical mistakes that delay projects and cause significant economic losses.

Because of this, we have compiled these 5 mistakes and prepared the guide Five critical mistakes when using Magnetic Bead Separation in CLIA IVD-kits manufacturing. And we are offering this for free! In this guide you will find:

  • The basics of Magnetic Bead Separation Processes, explained
  • An in-depth analysis of the 5 most critical mistakes in Magnetic Bead Separation for IVD-kit manufacturing
  • Key advice to avoid these mistakes

We are sure this guide will help you get the most out of your Magnetic Bead Separation Processes.

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