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Total control
of your separation process

Efficient and Effective


  • Standarize your process. Batch to Batch consistency
  • Monitor and Control in real time. Trace every single process and compare it with the defined standard.
  • Full scalability. Separate from ml to tens of litters, including custom vessels
  • Perform  Quality Control of the magnetic separation process
  • Safe systems on all sizes. Big standard magnets are dangerous. Sepmag systems are designed to operate near computers and avoid risks for the
  • No loss of material
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SEPMAG for Production and Large volumes

Sepmag Q – glass bottles

Sepmag N – plastic bottles

For Large Volume separations

Production departments need an efficient and economical magnetic bead separation process to ensure bach to bach consistency and scalable production to meet demand. SEPMAG is a megnetic bead separation technology specifically developed for processing large bach volumes in nucleic acid separation, protein purification, cell isolation, biocatalysts, therapeutics and diagnostics.

The SEPMAG® Q and SEPMAG® N series feature the QUALITANCE hardware and software, enabling scientist to monitor and control the entire magnetic separation process in real time. Early detection of issues with bead size, distribution, concentration or buffer conditions allows for immediate corrective actions, ensuring compliance with Quality Control policies. Meticulous record-keeping is maintained for Quality Assurance purposes.


Eliminate assay variability

Homogeneity, consistency and reproducibility.

Highest recovery of biomolecules and beads

Minimal material loss.

No re-suspension problems

Minimum aggregation.

Easy scale-up

No process re-engineering and no need to revalidate.

Quality Assurance

Monitor and record separation process.

Easy validation

Safe operation

No maintenance and operating costs.

Product Note

Product Note Sepmag Q
150 Kb

Product Note

Product Note Sepmag N
230 Kb

Sepmag QUALITANCE software

Smart software to control your separation

Sepmag separator incorporate the QUALITANCE system, enabling operators to monitor the entire Magnetic Separation Process. Problems with bead size, distribution, concentration or buffer conditions can be detected early on so that immediate corrective actions can be taken.

Records are meticulously maintained for Quality Assurance purposes.

Production software

Sepmag Roller

Resuspenion system
  • Ensure proper homogenization of your magnetic bead suspension before the separation. Easily resuspend following separation.
  • Scalable volume up to 50L. Optional incubator up to 55°C. Two sizes: Roller and Roller XL.
  • The perfect companion for SEPMAG® Q and SEPMAG® N separators.


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