Cell separation is an essential methodology in research and therapy, as we often find ourselves with the need of isolating specific cells from a mixed population in order to avoid contamination or interference from the rest of cell types.

While there are several methods suitable for cell separation, magnetic bead sorting offers many advantages: it is simple, fast, stable, cost-effective and easily scalable. Because of this, this technique is interesting for many researchers and should be seriously considered.

In order to help you understand magnetic beads cell separation, and to give you an insight of what advantages it can offer, we have prepared The basic guide to magnetic bead cell separation. In this guide you will:

  • Discover how to use biomagnetic separation for an efficient cell isolation
  • Learn its advantages when compared to other methods of cell isolation
  • Understand what properties can you use to separate cells
  • Comprehend the keys for a successful magnetic bead cell separation

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