A guide for Establishing a Robust SOP

As the applications of magnetic beads continue to expand, many scientists find themselves navigating magnetic separation protocols for the first time. While successfully employing magnetic beads at the R&D scale, the transition to larger-scale manufacturing can be intricate.

It’s common to overlook crucial parameters in Magnetic Bead Separation protocols, posing challenges in reproducibility and scalability. This oversight often leads to bottlenecks when transferring protocols to the production phase. Our e-book addresses this gap by providing key concepts that empower technical staff to characterizemonitor, and validate Magnetic Separation Processes comprehensively.

In this e-book you will discover:

  • What magnetic beads separation parameters do you need to consider?
  • How to correctly specify your magnetic beads separation protocol to ensure: Reproducibility and efficiency.
  • Ensuring safety of Magnetic Bead Separators.
  • And many more!

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