What do we overlook?

Within reagents manufacturing and product purification fields, the technical staff involved in the processes of standardization, safety, Quality Control, and scale-up, are highly skilled to develop robust protocols, taking into consideration:

  • The surface chemistry of the beads
  • The batch volumes and concentration
  • The composition of buffers
  • The incubation time and temperature

However, they usually miss the key parameters for a successful biomagnetic separation, which represents a very important step for the success of the whole process.

In this webinar, Sepmag’s CSO, Dr. Lluis Martinez, reviews the few basic concepts of magnetism needed for the correct standardizing of the magnetic separation conditions, and thus, for developing robust protocols that can be easily transferred to different volumes. Systems that allow the implementation of these Standard Operation Procedures (SOP) are much safer and more efficient than classical magnetic separators. They also include the real-time monitoring of the processes, contributing to simplifying the validation and the recording for Auditing and Quality Control purposes.

Specifying the right biomagnetic separation parameters will help avoid the usual bottleneck faced when R&D departments transfer protocols to the Production phase.

We hope this webinar will help you very much.

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Lluís M. Martínez. PhD, Sepmag