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Actionable know how for advanced Magnetic Bead Separation

Magnetic Bead Separation is a complex process with many variables. Beads and biomaterial are expensive to lose. Magnets perform poorly in those circumstances and they are dangerous to operate. Lack of visibility and no monitoring of separation process hides any quality issue which will appear latter on.

Sepmag know how in advanced Magnetic Bead Separation and patented technology can help to optimize your process, solve any issues or accompany you setting up your separation methodology.

OEM and Customized Systems

Our technology can be adapted to your needs or can be part of your OEM products

Customized systems. If you need to work with none standard volumes, beads or viscosity suspension, we can customize a separator for your process.

Customized adaptors. Some of our separators are supplied with standard adaptors to accommodate most commonly used tubes and small vessels (please see Sepmag Lab and Sepmag A). If you need a different configuration, we can make it for you.

OEM. Sepmag unique technology can be part of your products or services. We will work with your scientists and engineers to make your product “Sepmag inside”.

Are you interested in biomagnetic separation?

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