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After celebrating its IIVD seminars in Asia over the past few years MERCK has decided to organize this year’s event in Europe during the autumn season. This workshop will be held in Paris, on October 18th and 19th 2018.

Free guide: 7 Keys to Successfully Scaling-up Biomagnetic Separation Processes

The 2-day conference will address key aspects of critical IVD immunoassays (chemiluminescent, immunoturbidimetry, qualitative and quantitative lateral flow, etc.) and their design considerations, including critical raw material selection, quality aspects, and analytical controls.

Our CSO, Dr. Lluis M. Martinez has been invited to give the ”Efficient, consistent, validated and scalable: the perfect Magnetic Bead Separation process” talk on October 18th,1;50 pm.

The conference will also host talks on magnetic beads application like:

  • Key points to consider for development of CLIA reagents based on magnetic beads, (Dr. Anabel Lermo, Pragmatic Diagnostics).

  • Electrochemical biosensing of nucleic acids based on magnetic particles (Arzum Erdem, Ege University).
  • MagIA: innovative multiplex Hepatitis B point of care (Sarah Delshadi, MagIA Diagnostics).
  • Smart materials and biosensors based on magnetic nanoparticles (Dr. Maxim Nikitin),
  • A novel immunomagnetic technology (CEPir) for prenatal diagnosis – Enrichment of fetal nucleated red blood cells from maternal blood (Dr. Mahmud Abuelhija, BioCep).

The workshop is a great opportunity to learn about future technologies and market trends from industry leaders, as well as a great networking event.


Since SEPMAG will be exhibiting during the conference’s breaks, you will have the opportunity to engage in conversation with our scientific&technical staff about your specific needs and, hence, benefit from our know-how in Magnetic Bead Separation.

You can find more information in the following brochure:

2018 - 11626 - IVD conf_Save the date_MRK

Lluis M. Martínez | SEPMAG Chief Scientific Officer

Founder of SEPMAG, Lluis holds a PhD in Magnetic Materials by the UAB. He has conducted research at German and Spanish academic institutions. Having worked in companies in Ireland, USA and Spain, he has more than 20 years of experience applying magnetic materials and sensors to industrial products and processes. He has filed several international patents on the field and co-authored more than 20 scientific papers, most of them on the subject of magnetic particle movement.

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