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Magnetic separation techniques have become an essential tool in many areas of research. Most technological advances in these techniques have been possible due to the work of many researchers trying to solve everyday technical problems or optimizing existing protocols. In order to get the specialists in the field from all over the world together, meetings are an important way for contact between researchers that can help find new applications and solutions in the scientific and clinical setting.

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This year, Vancouver will receive the 11th International Conference on the Scientific and Clinical Applications of Magnetic Carriers from May 31 to June 4. This meeting will reunite the foremost specialists in the magnetic carriers area and will be hosted by the University of British Columbia. This university has state of the art buildings where teaching and research is conducted in areas from biotechnology to commerce. The meeting will address a wide variety of topics in the scientific, clinical and nanotechnology applications of magnetic carriers. The themes for the scientific applications will include the preparation and modification of magnetic particles, characterization of magnetic particles, application in cell separation and analysisapplications in molecular biology. The clinical applications approached during the meeting will be cancer treatment, hyperthermia, magnetic resonance contrast enhancement and drug delivery. As for the nanotechnology applications, the presentations will include micromechanical systems, magnetic nanotubes and self-assembled magnetic nanosystems. This will give the people attending the meeting an opportunity to contact with researchers from different backgrounds which will certainly be fruitful in the development of research ideas and collaborations. To promote interactions between researchers, the meeting program includes lunches, dinner, a city tour and beverages.

Therefore, if you are interested in learning more about magnetic separation techniques and participate in this meeting with your own research, you can submit abstracts until March 20. You will also get the chance to publish your work in a peer-reviewed publication of the area, the Journal of Magnetism and Magnetic Materials.

You can find more information about this meeting here.


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Lluis M. Martínez | SEPMAG Chief Scientific Officer

Founder of SEPMAG, Lluis holds a PhD in Magnetic Materials by the UAB. He has conducted research at German and Spanish academic institutions. Having worked in companies in Ireland, USA and Spain, he has more than 20 years of experience applying magnetic materials and sensors to industrial products and processes. He has filed several international patents on the field and co-authored more than 20 scientific papers, most of them on the subject of magnetic particle movement.

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