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2014 Biotechnology Industry Organization (BIO) Annual Convention

The Biotechnology Industry Organization (BIO) will host its annual convention on June 23-36 in San Diego, California this year. The BIO International Convention is the largest biotechnology event of its kind, drawing thousands of attendees. Participants will be able to choose from hundreds of sessions regarding trends in biotechnology, policy, and innovations, as well as being granted access to the world’s largest biotechnology exhibition.

As in previous years, the convention will cover a range of biotech-related topics, including raising capital, government agency regulations, and patenting trends. Specialty forums will afford participants a more in-depth looks at subjects such as personalized medicine and diagnostics, digital health, and translational research. For those seeking an interdisciplinary experience, broad-range tracks will cover areas including basic research and discovery, clinical trials and product testing, and regulatory review and approval.

In addition to presentations and educational sessions, the BIO Exhibition, open throughout the course of the convention, will feature over 17,000 exhibitors. To assist participants with navigation and allow them to maximize their experience, the exhibition will be divided up into a number of zones. The Bioprocess Zone, for instance, will feature exhibitions related to bioanalytical methods and assay development, drug delivery, and separation and purification. Other zones will include information technology, innovation, and discovery. 

The BIO Convention has a history of drawing key policy makers, scientists, and CEOs. Presenters in the past have included global leaders such as President George W. Bush, President Bill Clinton, and General Colin Powell. This year, keynote speakers will feature Former Secretary of State Hilary Rodham Clinton, and Sir Richard Branson, founder of Virgin Group.

Members of BIO include over 1,000 biotechnology companies and academic institutions in nations across the world. The organization is committed to supporting the biotech industry through promoting key policy initiatives and providing essential programs and initiatives. For more information on the upcoming convention, or to become a member of the organization, visit BIO’s website at

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Lluis M. Martínez | SEPMAG Chief Scientific Officer

Founder of SEPMAG, Lluis holds a PhD in Magnetic Materials by the UAB. He has conducted research at German and Spanish academic institutions. Having worked in companies in Ireland, USA and Spain, he has more than 20 years of experience applying magnetic materials and sensors to industrial products and processes. He has filed several international patents on the field and co-authored more than 20 scientific papers, most of them on the subject of magnetic particle movement.

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