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International Symposium: The use of nanosphere technology in diagnostic

Merck Millipore has invited experts from around the globe to attend the symposium it has organised at the Hilton Hotel in Shanghai on May 15 and 16. The event will include contributors from China, as well as Germany, New Zealand, Russia, Spain and USA.

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These contributors hail from both the industrial sector (Merck Millipore, Diasorin, Hotgen, Kestrel BioSciences, Kode Biotech, Pragmatic Diagnostics, Qiagen, SEPMAG®, SuZhou Sensogen Biotech, Beijing Cox Biotech and MedMira Inc) and the academic world (Moscow Institute, Nanjing University of Posts and Telecommunications and Shanghai Jiaotong University).

For two days, the speakers will explain the latest developments in nano- and microspheres for immunoassays, lateral flow rapid tests, latex-enhanced immunoturbidimetry and immunomagnetic enrichment of circulating tumor cells. The discussion will also cover new opportunities for magnetic nano- and microparticles in biomedical research and immunochemical analysis.

There will be a discussion on the latest tools for attaching biomarkers to surfaces and applications of up-converting phosphor technology in rapid quantitative tests. Last but not least, there will be presentations featuring new readers for rapid tests, cell analyzer applications in IVD manufacturers, and advanced Magnetic Bead Separation systems.

SEPMAG® Chief Scientific Officer, Dr. Lluis M. Martinez, will contribute with the topic “How to avoid five critical mistakes when using Magnetic Bead Separation in CLIA IVD-Kit Manufacturing”.

The Symposium will include question and answer discussions with all the presenters, a networking lunch and a small exhibition. SEPMAG® will be among the contributors showcasing their technologies during breaks. We are looking forward to meeting visitors to our stand to discuss how our technology is able to help their Magnetic Bead Separation Processes.

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For more information about the Symposium, visit the homepage (in Chinese).

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Lluis M. Martínez | SEPMAG Chief Scientific Officer

Founder of SEPMAG, Lluis holds a PhD in Magnetic Materials by the UAB. He has conducted research at German and Spanish academic institutions. Having worked in companies in Ireland, USA and Spain, he has more than 20 years of experience applying magnetic materials and sensors to industrial products and processes. He has filed several international patents on the field and co-authored more than 20 scientific papers, most of them on the subject of magnetic particle movement.

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