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The Application and Progress of microsphere in IVD

The 10th Clinical Laboratory Provider and Blood Transfusion Equipment Expo (CACLP), will be held in the Xi’an Greenland Pico International Convention & Exhibition Center next march. This Trade Show will attract to the city of the Terra Cotta Warriors main Chinese companies as well as major foreign players with interests in the In Vitro Diagnostic sector.

Free PDF guide:  "Validation of Magnetic Bead Separation Processes" 

The event is the place you should be if you want to get into the Chinese Market. All key players are present and it is a matchless opportunity to make contacts and learn about the last developments and tendencies in IVD. Most companies, both local and foreign, take advantage of the concentration of potential customers organizing technical seminars and new product launchings. As always in China, just English will not be enough. If you plan to attend, try to have the help of someone who speaks mandarin!

Our experience in 2011 was excellent. Our CEO, Josep Maria Simó, attended the show and gave a 2-hour seminar about Homogenous Biomagnetic Separation, opening the way for a big growth on the Chinese market starting with CapitalBio.

In 2103 we will be back taking part of Merck Millipore’s seminar ‘The Application and Progress of microsphere in IVD’. The seminar will take place on March 13, 2013 in room 202 F2 of the Convention Center. Among guess speakers, Sepmag’s CSO, Dr Lluís M. Martinez will talk about Cost Effective Large Scale Magnetic Bead Separation Systems.

See you there!!

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Lluis M. Martínez | SEPMAG Chief Scientific Officer

Founder of SEPMAG, Lluis holds a PhD in Magnetic Materials by the UAB. He has conducted research at German and Spanish academic institutions. Having worked in companies in Ireland, USA and Spain, he has more than 20 years of experience applying magnetic materials and sensors to industrial products and processes. He has filed several international patents on the field and co-authored more than 20 scientific papers, most of them on the subject of magnetic particle movement.

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